Nov 24, 2007

Ridiculous Hypotheticals: Hippopotamus Bath

I saw a book today in a store about choosing between ridiculous hypotheticals. These are similar to the "Would You Rather" questions, only they're not specifically designed to be repulsive. 

I have to say it was pretty entertaining... in a bizarre, 'Hey that's very random' sort of way. I could've bought it, but the truth is a book like that has certain limitations. It'd probably only be good for a read-through once. After that it would either take up space, or I'd have to try to sell or give it away.

While I do love random humor (and while giving it away probably would've been nice), in the spirit of commercial-material minimalism I figure I can have about as much fun coming up with my own. So without further ado:

First Ridiculous Hypothetical

Would you rather have to bathe with a hippopotamus every day (the hippopotamus isn't dangerous)


Share your bed that you now have with Dennis Rodman each night? (Rodman is not attracted to you)

The first part I actually remember from the book, which I would credit if I could find it, so if you know the book let me know.

Leave your responses or your own random hypothetical in the comments section.


Marion Moignahan said...

Baths with a hippopotamus would be the best pick-me-up imaginable.

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