Jun 1, 2010


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May 24, 2010


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May 20, 2010


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May 17, 2010


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May 13, 2010


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May 11, 2010


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May 7, 2010

Ride Time

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May 5, 2010

No NO!

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May 2, 2010

Hero Man

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May 1, 2010


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Apr 29, 2010


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Apr 28, 2010


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Apr 9, 2010

DC Classic: Reflections

Taken from Bruss Euro's Xanga

1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8... 9, 10 11, 12 13...

I count the reflections I can spot around the room. Bottles of water, glass candle-holders, metal-topped salt and pepper shakers. Jeez, there's a lot of stuff. Light is so complicated, no wonder physicists are fixated on light and at a near impasse with it.


Look at the kitchen! - do I notice all of these normally? Does my brain register that they exist, or has it learned to tune them out? I wonder what it would be like to actually witness light passing through the air. It's kind of a shame it travels so quickly, because that means my naked eyes will never be able to see them in progress. Only in passing.

37 - wait, did I lose count?

I wonder if there are phenomena of light we don't even have names for. Like light bouncing off a non-reflective surface. Is that just a color? Or isn't color just another reflection?

What do you call a black hole then? It's just dark, which it seems maybe never happens on Earth. It's the opposite of a reflection, so is it a non-reflection? An 'areflection'?... too confusing. Imreflection, unreflection, disreflection maybe? Yeah, I think I like disreflection.

Damn, I really did lose count. 1, 2...

I wonder what's on TV.

Mar 25, 2010

Convo Beat: You Know It!

I could not stop laughing for every moment of this...


5:49:55 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it

5:54:46 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew

Changed status to Online (5:54:46 PM)

5:54:58 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it

Changed status to Available (5:55:06 PM)

5:55:17 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew

5:55:24 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it.

5:55:44 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew

5:56:43 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it..

5:56:46 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew

5:56:54 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:57:55 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:57:56 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:02 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:05 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:10 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:12 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:14 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:19 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:23 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:24 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:33 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:34 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:37 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:37 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:40 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:42 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:44 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:45 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:48 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:51 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:53 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:58:55 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:58:58 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:01 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:02 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:04 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:05 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:07 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:08 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:10 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:11 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:13 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:14 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:15 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:16 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:17 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:18 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:19 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:22 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you know it!

5:59:24 PM Damon O'Hanlon: ohhh

5:59:22 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:25 PM Jeffrey Becker: weew!

5:59:27 PM Damon O'Hanlon: you broke the pattern

5:59:32 PM Damon O'Hanlon: bad Jeff, no donut

5:59:32 PM Jeffrey Becker: i know

5:59:34 PM Jeffrey Becker: :-\

5:59:40 PM Jeffrey Becker: it'ws okay

5:59:45 PM Jeffrey Becker: i already had dinner

5:59:48 PM Jeffrey Becker: :-P

Mar 18, 2010

The Thing about Finals...

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Mar 12, 2010

Measure of Intelligence

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Mar 9, 2010

Reflections from the Past: When It's Over...

This is a piece of writing from deep in my past. You don't need to give me condolences about the loss of this relationship, because it was years ago. So long ago, in fact, that I feel comfortable sharing the knowledge I gained and feelings I had associated with it.... which at the time was a pretty big deal, so that should tell you just how long ago it was. Don't ask me who 'she' is. I'll never tell. ;-)

So what happened? Eh... hard to explain, I don't know if I've figured it out fully myself. I'll go ahead and make it sound all dramatic, when really we both know it's stuff like this that's just life.

Turned out she had a deep insecurity related to appearing weak in front of people, especially men, which debilitated her when it came to doing things for other people. She got a nose piercing, which I didn't like, and I realized it's because she's not happy with the life she has (particularly the school she's at) and it was her way of fronting that she didn't care. I started to notice it all the time — she refused to see movies I really wanted to see with her because, "Just because you like it doesn't mean I will." This kind of bothered me because I felt like saying, "You think every movie I see with you is just for me?"

It slowly dawned on me that she wanted to be in a relationship with someone who would do everything for her, and for whom she didn't have to do anything—because that satisfied her need to feel strong at all times. It was also around that time that I realized she never really relied on me for actual emotional support... just logistical things; also coming from an intense desire not to ever feel or appear weak.

It hurt a lot to realize this because I like doing things for other people that I wouldn't do for myself. The relationship my parents had gave me the example that the strongest thing a person can do is practice selflessness. I'm sure my Dad hated Folsom, but he went there because that was what made sense for my Mom and their children. I doubt my Mom loved driving a rusty-bucket old van around for years (which had an enormous crack in the radiator), but she did it because the people she cared about had other priorities. Reflecting on how I felt about things like this, I could see it was going to be a permanent problem in the future. Knowing that gave me a lot of anxiety about how long our relationship could last.

I'm not sure what caused this in her, but I talked to her about it, asked her questions and such, and at this point I'm sure admitting to her that I recognized it was the final nail in our relationship.

I was thinking about breaking up with her every day, but the feeling I hate most in the world is the doubt that you didn't try your hardest. I was having a hard time letting it go but I was definitely less attracted to her, and the truth is I probably didn't make her feel as good about herself as I used to, since now she knew I saw something she desperately wanted to hide from the world.

I absolutely did not send any of this to her. People don't like to hear things like that about themselves, so it wouldn't do anything for her. After all, probably her deepest wish in life is to not have to admit this to herself. We people are afraid that if the world acknowledges something we are afraid is true, it makes it actually true instead of just something we're afraid might be true. And besides, isn't it all just a self-fulfilling prophecy?—If fear is a kind of weakness, admitting that you're afraid of being afraid is admitting that you're weak! Besides I've figured this out on my own, so besides just the satisfaction of saying it to her, I wouldn't get anything from it ... which is never a good reason to say something to someone.

Intimacy's a difficult thing for people, especially with all the problems we have, and I'm aware that I just was asking too much of her... Not that if I had it to do over again I'd want less. I'm a square guy, she's a round girl; in this case we just wanted different things. I might sound matter of fact, but of course it hurts like hell.

At the end of the day you just hope it's not too much to ask of someone out there, and keep going.

Mar 7, 2010

Soc/Anth View

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Mar 3, 2010


Mar 1, 2010

Strange Habit 1

Feb 18, 2010

Convo Beat: Facebook Hussy

2:00:45 PM Rachel Smith: Facebook sure doesnt like you
2:02:08 PM Damon O'Hanlon: how come facebook doesn't like me?
2:02:35 PM Rachel Smith: It continuously kicks you "offline"
2:03:45 PM Damon O'Hanlon: psh I'm sure that's you
2:03:55 PM Damon O'Hanlon: facebook and I go way back
2:04:00 PM Damon O'Hanlon: he and I are tight
2:04:12 PM Damon O'Hanlon: facebook even dated my sister for awhile and I was totally cool with it so he totally owes me and stuff
2:05:27 PM Rachel Smith: Lol, yea? Well Facebook took me to a theater production of The Producers so I'm pretty sure he's not going to blow it with me by kicking me "offline' when he knows that'd be the best musical to see on stage
2:06:08 PM Damon O'Hanlon: woah facebook is on a role
2:06:15 PM Damon O'Hanlon: did he at least tell you about his history with my sister?
2:06:27 PM Damon O'Hanlon: cause you know, when you get with facebook it's like you're getting with everyone person facebook has ever been with
2:06:30 PM Damon O'Hanlon: ...which is a lot
2:06:33 PM Damon O'Hanlon: O_o
2:07:20 PM Rachel Smith: rofl......oh snap....high five goes to Damon for that comment there
2:07:23 PM Rachel Smith: =]
2:07:36 PM Damon O'Hanlon: cause you know... it's facebook
2:07:48 PM Rachel Smith: Uhh yea, I got the joke there mister
2:07:54 PM Damon O'Hanlon: for awhile facebook kept it classy, would only date other college students (not like creepy older MySpace)
2:08:03 PM Damon O'Hanlon: but then suddenly one day facebook became open to just anybody
2:08:34 PM Damon O'Hanlon: and then you had weird stuff like people were like, "Woah facebook... what's with you and my Mom?" or "Awww man, now my boss and facebook have a thing"
2:09:11 PM Rachel Smith: Lol.....dang, this really sounds like it needs to be in a sitcom