Feb 18, 2010

Convo Beat: Facebook Hussy

2:00:45 PM Rachel Smith: Facebook sure doesnt like you
2:02:08 PM Damon O'Hanlon: how come facebook doesn't like me?
2:02:35 PM Rachel Smith: It continuously kicks you "offline"
2:03:45 PM Damon O'Hanlon: psh I'm sure that's you
2:03:55 PM Damon O'Hanlon: facebook and I go way back
2:04:00 PM Damon O'Hanlon: he and I are tight
2:04:12 PM Damon O'Hanlon: facebook even dated my sister for awhile and I was totally cool with it so he totally owes me and stuff
2:05:27 PM Rachel Smith: Lol, yea? Well Facebook took me to a theater production of The Producers so I'm pretty sure he's not going to blow it with me by kicking me "offline' when he knows that'd be the best musical to see on stage
2:06:08 PM Damon O'Hanlon: woah facebook is on a role
2:06:15 PM Damon O'Hanlon: did he at least tell you about his history with my sister?
2:06:27 PM Damon O'Hanlon: cause you know, when you get with facebook it's like you're getting with everyone person facebook has ever been with
2:06:30 PM Damon O'Hanlon: ...which is a lot
2:06:33 PM Damon O'Hanlon: O_o
2:07:20 PM Rachel Smith: rofl......oh snap....high five goes to Damon for that comment there
2:07:23 PM Rachel Smith: =]
2:07:36 PM Damon O'Hanlon: cause you know... it's facebook
2:07:48 PM Rachel Smith: Uhh yea, I got the joke there mister
2:07:54 PM Damon O'Hanlon: for awhile facebook kept it classy, would only date other college students (not like creepy older MySpace)
2:08:03 PM Damon O'Hanlon: but then suddenly one day facebook became open to just anybody
2:08:34 PM Damon O'Hanlon: and then you had weird stuff like people were like, "Woah facebook... what's with you and my Mom?" or "Awww man, now my boss and facebook have a thing"
2:09:11 PM Rachel Smith: Lol.....dang, this really sounds like it needs to be in a sitcom