Apr 29, 2010


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Apr 28, 2010


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Apr 9, 2010

DC Classic: Reflections

Taken from Bruss Euro's Xanga

1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8... 9, 10 11, 12 13...

I count the reflections I can spot around the room. Bottles of water, glass candle-holders, metal-topped salt and pepper shakers. Jeez, there's a lot of stuff. Light is so complicated, no wonder physicists are fixated on light and at a near impasse with it.


Look at the kitchen! - do I notice all of these normally? Does my brain register that they exist, or has it learned to tune them out? I wonder what it would be like to actually witness light passing through the air. It's kind of a shame it travels so quickly, because that means my naked eyes will never be able to see them in progress. Only in passing.

37 - wait, did I lose count?

I wonder if there are phenomena of light we don't even have names for. Like light bouncing off a non-reflective surface. Is that just a color? Or isn't color just another reflection?

What do you call a black hole then? It's just dark, which it seems maybe never happens on Earth. It's the opposite of a reflection, so is it a non-reflection? An 'areflection'?... too confusing. Imreflection, unreflection, disreflection maybe? Yeah, I think I like disreflection.

Damn, I really did lose count. 1, 2...

I wonder what's on TV.